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Cervical Collar Brace for Neck

Cervical Collar Brace for Neck

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Help Relieve Cervical Vertebra Pain to Improve Quality of Life

You might think that neck pain is just a simple problem? Well, it could be a prelude to a bigger and deeper health problem. In no time, you realize that you are already hurting your cervical spine. Well, it’s time you resort to getting this cervical collar!

Key features

Helps relieve neck and cervical health-related problems

With adjustable traction device to customize to your need

Gives a full brace for the neck, wear it as a neck collar

Help Improve Your Posture and Act as Neck Massager

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Help You Relieve Pain From Cervical Disc Compression

This cervical collar has a built-in airbag to support traction strength. The airbag stretches in order to pull more accurately, effectively making a vertebral space distance at the back of your neck. This solves the root cause of the problem --the disc is restored, and disc compression is lifted. This essentially gives you a great help of relieving from cervical disc pain

  • Integrated Airbag

  • Cervical Spine Support

  • Posture Correction

  • Good Ventilation

  • Lightweight Design

  • No Burden to Wear

Get Proper Alignment and Support

Use this neck collar as a brace for the neck. This makes your neck and shoulder muscles relax completely. It helps correct your posture in the long run. For mobile phone users, keep your heads up! This brace helps prevent forward-and-down head motion that stretches and gives unnecessary pressure to stiff neck muscles.

  • Breathe Comfortably

    This brace for the neck has a large opening design which provides good ventilation. It is lightweight and does not restrict the throat for swallowing and the respiratory tract for breathing. Velcro hook and loop closure make it durable and wear-resistant. You can easily adjust the tightness to make you comfortable.

  • Wear it Clean and Hygienic

    Thick high-density absorbent cotton gives the neck ultra care. The sponge and flannel material are so soft, giving no pressure as it comes in contact with the skin. It gives you ultra comfort with no burden, away from the damp and stuffy cloth.

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Enhance your well-being with Cervical Collar Brace for Neck

Product Details


  • Material: PP / POM / ABS+PC / HDPE, sponge, flannel, acrylic cloth
  • Size: 21.5cm x 24.5cm x 19.5cm (One size)
  • Weight: 0.26kg
  • Color: Mint Green

Package included

  • 1 x Cervical Collar Brace for Neck


Vervona Q&A

How long can I wear this Cervical Collar Brace for?

We recommend that the neck brace is worn for a 10-30 minutes a day to help improve posture gradually or when support is needed most.

Can I drive with this Neck Brace on?

We do not recommend that the neck brace is worn while driving or travelling in the car.

Can I wear this Cervical Collar Brace while sleeping?

This neck brace should not be worn while sleep. We would recommend using a firm pillow for enough neck support whilst sleeping.

Is there enough support to keep my head upright?

Our neck brace has been specifically designed to provide all the support of a traditional brace, with added comfort. This cervical collar brace keeps the head firmly upright with no flimsiness. Also, the product allows air to flow in therefore overheating is not an issue compared to other neck supports on the market