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Foldable Smart Eye Massager

Foldable Smart Eye Massager

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Give your eyes the break they deserve with the Foldable Smart Eye Massager. Revitalize and pamper your tired eyes with this incredible device that elevates your eye care routine. Prepare to be amazed as it leaves you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world.

Key features

  • 6 Micro-airbags provide gentle kneading massage to relieve eye fatigue
  • Heat compression alleviates eye dryness and discomfort
  • 5 different eye care modes that caters to your specific needs
  • Bluetooth-capable let's you listen to music while enjoying a massage
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  • Reduces Puffiness & Eye Bags

    Reduce the feeling of heaviness and pressure around your eyes caused by puffiness and eye bags with the targeted vibration mode of the massager. Designed specifically for addressing puffiness, the gentle vibrations stimulate the lymphatic system, helping to drain excess fluid and diminish puffiness.

  • Alleviates Dryness & Irritation Discomfort

    Relieve discomfort and redness caused by dryness and irritation in your eyes with the built-in heating element of the device. The gentle warmth it provides soothes the eye area, promoting increased blood circulation and tear production. This helps alleviate dryness and reduces eye irritation, allowing you to carry out your everyday activities with greater comfort.

  • Soothes Tired & Strain Eyes

    Create a soothing and gentle environment for your tired and strained eyes with the eye massager's eye protection mode. Long-term exposure to digital screens or reading can cause eye strain and make it challenging to maintain focus and concentration. With this mode, you can alleviate the strain and provide a refreshing experience for your eyes.

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Experience The Power Future Of Eye Care Technology

Equipped with six micro airbags, it takes relaxation to a whole new level. These micro airbags deliver a precise and comforting kneading massage, specifically targeting the delicate muscles around your eyes. Say goodbye to fatigue and strain as this advanced technology helps alleviate tension and rejuvenates your eyes.

Revitalize your eyes with our transformative hot compress therapy

This innovative feature harnesses the power of gentle warmth to deliver soothing relief and rejuvenation. By increasing blood circulation, relaxing the eye muscles, and alleviating tension and fatigue, it revitalizes your eyes for a refreshed and rejuvenated experience.

Refresh your perspective with revitalized eyes

Experience the bliss of soothing relaxation, bidding farewell to tired and strained eyes. Embrace a renewed sense of clarity and vitality as you leave behind the weariness of the day. Greet each moment with a newfound freshness and embrace life through refreshed eyes!


EASY STORAGE AND PORTABILITY: The 180º foldable design can be neatly folded to a compact size

ONE KEY BUTTON: Simple one-key button in turning on/off making it user-friendly and accessible to everyone

USB CHARGING PORT: Enables hassle-free charging of the device

BLUETOOTH CAPABLE: Allows you to connect your device to your smartphone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device

ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC BELT: Ensures a comfortable and secure fit for users of different head sizes

HIGH-GRADE LEATHER MATERIAL: Soft, smooth, and gentle on the skin allowing for a pleasant feel during use

Enhance your sleep and well-being with our Foldable Smart Eye Massager. Say goodbye to Sleepless nights and discomfort and wake up refreshed and energized.

Product Details

Package included

  • 1 x Foldable Smart Eye Massager
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual


Vervona Q&A

How does The Foldable Smart Eye Massager soothe tired and strained eyes?

The Foldable Smart Eye Massager utilizes micro airbag comfort kneading massage and gentle vibrations to stimulate blood circulation and relax the eye muscles. This helps to reduce eye strain, relieve fatigue, and promote overall relaxation for tired eyes.

How effective is it in reducing puffiness and eye bags?

The combination of micro airbag comfort kneading massage and hot compress therapy helps to increase blood circulation, reduce fluid retention, and promote lymphatic drainage, resulting in a reduction of puffiness and eye bags.

How long does the battery of The Foldable Smart Eye Massager last?

The battery life of the Foldable Smart Eye Massager depends on usage and settings. On average, it can last for several days on a single charge. The device is rechargeable through a USB charging port, making it convenient to recharge whenever needed.

Can I play the music while using the Foldable Smart Eye Massager?

It is Bluetooth-enabled, so you can connect it to your smartphone or any Bluetooth-enabled device. Through the built-in speakers, you can listen to music, audiobooks, or calming sounds.

How often should i use it?

Based on your personal preferences and needs, you are free to use it in any way you like. Our recommendation is to use the device for 15 minutes per session, 1-2 times a day, to achieve optimal results and to feel relaxed after using it.